Along with our Websites our FB PAGE, at Mastador Gracious Guardians, we provide continuous contact with past/future Mastador puppy families and friends. Both are established to share photos, videos, current Mastador Gracious Guardians events, information, research, experiences, alternative health remedies for the Mastador or any dog. Our FB page is limited to support for the Mastador, their Families, care-givers and sharing about the Official Mastador.

Another option available in the Family Planning is our…..


    1. AFTER 6 WKS OF AGE, the Families with Reservations will have completed their Puppy Selections and the PUBLIC SELECTION for a specific puppy is available and may be accomplished through the following:
      1. Contact and location address info by email (faulknerfarm1@gmail.com
      2. Your (or Family’s) reasons for choosing a Mastador.
      3. Activities and/or Lifestyle your adult Mastador will participate in or you would like to enjoy with your Mastador.
      4. Are you choosing a specific Generation of Mastador –or– Do you have a specific puppy  you are choosing (which will depend on if the Reserved Puppy Selections have been completed by those Families)?
      5. How did you discover MGG (Mastador Gracious Guardians)?
      6. Having reviewed both Mastadorgraciousguardians.com and Mastadorbreed.com do you have any complications finding our website or finding needed details on our website?
    3. AFTER 2 WKS. OF AGE our website has a PUPPY AVAILABLE page that will be updated frequently with photos, Portraits of the Litter, specific puppies available, Litter size, Litter arrival approximations, Pricing, and the like.
    4. AFTER 6 WKS OF AGE the Family Puppy Selections will be completed and the non-reserved puppies will be revealed on our PUPPY AVAILABLE website page and on our FB PAGE (if any have not already been selected by a Forever Family).
    5. PUPPY PRICING is on our Puppy Available page and the date of your deposit receipt determines and secures your selection for a specific puppy.
    6. All DEPOSITS are applied to the total puppy cost, from the MGG Puppy Pricing.
      1. After Litter is born Deposit = 50% of the non-rebate MGG Puppy Pricing.
      2. CHECKS, MONEY ORDER, CASHIER CHECK must arrive at least 2 wks prior for being cleared for acceptance.
      3. OTHER $ TRANSACTION METHODS are available, please contact us for details.
    7. FINAL PUPPY PAYMENT from the “MGG Puppy Pricing” plus any other expenses (transportation, carriers, special care requests) are due at the time the puppy is picked up or 3 days prior to TRAVEL/DELIVERY date.
      1. Final Payment during Puppy Pick-up is by CASH (USD) ONLY.
      2. Any Final Payment by CHECKS, MONEY ORDER, CASHIER CHECK must arrive at least 2 wks prior to departure date, to prevent departure delay.
      3. OTHER $ TRANSACTION METHODS are available, please contact MGG for details.
    8. REFUND available of all monies transacted, in the event there is a catastrophic loss while in our control, and if there would be no planned alternate Mastador puppy available for 1 year.  Within this one year, we will lock-in your Litter Choice price and move your Selection Position to the next available equivalent Litter.
    9. If a future FAMILY’S OBLIGATIONS cannot be met, to the Reservation Agreement, Selection Position, or a Chosen Puppy, it is their encumbrance to find another “Breeder acceptable Purchaser” to assume the Reservation (effectively, selling your Reservation Selection Position deposit to another Purchaser).
    10. Registration Papers, Health Certificate, collar, vaccinations and worming Records are already INCLUDED IN THE TOTAL puppy cost, along with any modifications to hard carrier that are required for air or ground transport regulations.

Mastador Gracious Guardians has a “whole life” approach to our Breeding Program. We strive to be equal and gracious in the arrangements and needs of the whole litter, their parents and the pup’s Future Families (the Purchaser). Reservation arrangements must include a good perspective of all the precious lives and years surrounding the capricious event (the Litter).  MGG must also adjust, change and adapt pricing and amend policies, as needed to best serve the propagation and sustainable requirements for our Companions and the future of the Mastador as a Breed.

We pledge to not participate in the industrialization of living beings. As a Responsible Breeder we practice and provide the highest Professional Breeding Standards being directly involved in the reproductive process, homing and care-giving and will conduct the business aspects with the greatest amount of Professionalism and trustworthiness.

Melinda Faulkner, Mastador Gracious Guardians, faulknerfarm1@gmail.com