We encourage all Fur-Ever Families to plan for the future with their canine companions. We have a limited Breeding Program to prevent communicable diseases and help assure all puppies in each litter will have forever homes.

It is imperative that every puppy gets a forever home. So, we start the Family Planning with providing a limited number of $200 Reservation deposits before the litter is born with our Reservation List and/or with our Announcement List (go to Menu>Family Planning>Announcement List).

Another option available in the Family Planning is our

Public Puppy Notification:

  • On our FB page at Mastador Gracious Guardians, we provide continuous contact with past/ future Mastador puppy families and friends. We share photos, videos, current Mastador Gracious Guardians events, information, research, experiences, alternative health remedies for the Mastador or any dog.

  • Therefore, the Public will be aware of all our birthing events, as they occur.

  • After 2 week of age the Public will be informed about the number of Puppy Selection Positions available.

  • By 6 weeks of age the non-reserved puppies will be made available to the Public.

  • At 6 weeks of age, the date of your $475 deposit receipt will determine your selection of a specific puppy.

  • Total puppy payment from $850 and any other expenses (transportation, carriers, special care requests) occurs at the time the puppy is picked-up or when the Mastador Gracious Guardians makes final ground/air transportation reservations.

      • Collar, vaccination and worming Records will be included in the total puppy cost, along with any modifications to hard carrier that are required for air or ground transport regulations.

        Mastador Gracious Guardians (the Breeder) believes in a “whole life” approach to our Breeding Program. We strive to be equal and gracious in the arrangements and needs of the whole litter, their parents and the pup’s future families (the Purchaser).   Reservation arrangements must include a good perspective of all the precious lives and years surrounding the one capricious event (the litter). 

        • MGG reserves the right to adjust, change and adapt pricing and amend policies at our discretion,  as needed to best serve the propagation requirements for the future of the Mastador as a Breed.

We pledge to not participate in the industrialization of living beings. As a Responsible Breeder we practice and provide the highest Professional Breeding Standards being directly involved in the reproductive process, homing and care-giving and will conduct the business aspects with the greatest amount of Professionalism and trustworthiness.

Melinda Faulkner, Mastador Gracious Guardians, faulknerfarm1@gmail.com