We, at Mastador Gracious Guardians, pledge to not participate in the industrialization of living beings. As a Responsible Breeder we practice and provide the highest Professional Breeding Standards being directly involved in the whole-life reproductive process, homing and care-giving and will conduct the business aspects with the greatest amount of Professionalism and trustworthiness.

We work very hard with our families and a Veterinarian to achieve the best travel method with the airlines, ground, personal delivery or pick-up methods for each puppy. Our Mastador puppies are raised with free access to a carrier, travel noises, and rides in vehicles so we can acclimate them for the big day, whether they travel by car, ground or air travel. Our puppy’s free access to a carrier also helps them with “crate & potty training” in their future homes.  In working with each individual family’s travel/delivery needs, the travel industry, the Veterinarian, your puppy, and the weather…. circumstances may occur out of our control, so that MGG may need to address date and time changes with individual Families involving your costs and/or your travel/delivery/pick-up…although, in our experience, this is not a common occurrence.   These services we provide are at actual costs, with receipts.  Although we do not charge a processing fee, gratuities are greatly appreciated.


  • We heard about a reliable ground delivery service recommended to us at


  • Coming to our farm to choose your puppy or for personal pick-up of your Mastador is always an option. We are located in the N.E. corner of Texas with easy access with various major Highways (Interstate 30, Interstate 20, Hwy. 59)


  • We may be able to make arrangements to deliver to your door or deliver part of the way.


As of April 2014, The USDA published its APHIS law on “Retail Pet Rules” and does not consider current methods of pet air travel, to be inhumane, cruel, dangerous nor unsafe. We applaud those many animal lovers that have worked so hard to improve air transportation and develop the best travel standards currently available for all types of animals, birds, and reptiles. Many of our puppy’s families have been very happy with using air transportation.

  • The cost of a puppy airline ticket is usually no more than $300. It may vary depending on which Airline, the weight, time of year, distance, cost of carrier.

  • One may come to pick-up and fly home with their puppy as “carry-on” using a soft carrier. Certain Airlines are flexible about furry companions that do not weigh more than 20 pounds.

  • Most Airlines allow 2 puppies to travel in one carrier of appropriate size, without extra cost. Just let us know, in advance, if you wish to share with another family.

We encourage all Fur-Ever Families to plan for the future with their canine companions. Mastador Gracious Guardians has a quantity limited Breeding Program to prevent communicable diseases and help assure all puppies in each litter will have forever homes.

Melinda Faulkner, Mastador Gracious Guardians,