Our Dam– AKC Purebred (Mastiff) English Mastiff–CANICULA
Our Sire–AKC Purebred (Lab) Labrador Retriever–PRIMUS


Our Sire–DBR Registered F1 Mastador (50% EM + 50% Lab)–GAIUS



Our Dam–DBR Registered F1 Mastador (50% EM + 50% Lab) ANIMAE


All of our animals enjoy living on 20 plus acres (Faulkner Natural Farm) which is devoted to a sustainable, organic, disease and chemical free farm and lifestyle.  We are on Natural Rearing Breeders List  because of our home-made MGG diet, vaccination program, housing and following our Dams’ natural mating cycles.  Along with respecting all God’s creatures…Our dogs are companions, not pets nor products.

Since 2005,  we have been living, working, playing with Mastador adults and puppies and are continuing to observe the Mastadors’ capabilities, temperament and healthfulness in various lifestyles.  We get so excited about sharing the Mastador, which is a specific Hybrid of 50% English Mastiff (Mastiff) and 50% Labrador Retriever (Lab).  In our passion for the Mastador, we discovered this specific percentage combo has a high potential of becoming a breed of its own.  It is not easy to become a new breed of dog, because it requires specific genetic markers plus specific human processes/documentation to accomplish.  So, we searched for a reliable Registry with many decades of experience and devotion to finding new dog breeds…  Designer Breed Registry

This Hybrid % mix continues to show a guardian temperament.  Unique to the Mastador, their bonding temperament is considerably less sensitive and possessive than that of the current LGD Breeds, allowing them to be more balanced and versatile in lifestyle.  Although Mastadors can also be couch potatoes, if that is your lifestyle…they have the right amount of protection with the right amount of affection for being indoor and outdoor companions/protectors to all types of animals, birds, reptiles, plants and objects.  Mastadors can function as LGDs, Service Dogs for the Handicapped, and companion/protectors of any animal, bird, reptile, object, property, and of course, us Humans.  There is a significant difference between “Guard” Dog temperament and a “Guardian” Dog temperament.  Since 2005, we have been blessed to have Mastadors as LGDs on our farm and believe they could be officially classified as the 1st American LGD Breed (after they actually achieve breed status).  Along with the Breed Standard we accomplished through DBR, we are also working toward the LGD classification and Service Dog for the Mastador.

Our Mastador Breeding Program started only after we were convinced of the exceptional health, orthopedics and temperament of this percentage combination and that this potential new breed is easily adaptable to a variety of contemporary lifestyles.  We work diligently to use updated research/knowledge avoiding antiquated breeding experimentation or manipulation of what is naturally healthy for any dog and any potential new Breed.  All generations (F1, F2, F3, etc.) of  MGG Puppies arrive in your arms with a DBR Registration Paper, health guarantee and forever whole-life support.


Our LaMancha Goats
Our Chickens

All our animals, including our dogs, are free to interact with each  other, within our 20 acres promoting a harmonious atmosphere, with access to organic vegetables, fruits,  and over 40 plus varieties of  plants, grasses, trees, and all the other creatures of God living on our property.  This includes large protected acreage and housing for reproductive life cycles of our goats and their kids, plus our chickens and their brood.

We are constantly hands-on.  We designed  our house to  accommodate the multiple stages of breeding/birthing/rearing our puppies, in a most natural environment.  Maintenance, care, handling, cleaning, and contact with Dams and their puppies is prioritized by a spacious climate controlled area of our home, designed to prevent disease or injury. When the babies are ready for the outdoors, we have a specially prepared balcony, plus multlple half acre grassy enclosures with ample shade and protection for a safe,  disease and chemical free outdoor play area for our MGG puppies.

For getting to know the mastador, current information and details, we recommend visiting: www.mastadorbreed.com